About PITCHAfrica

PITCHAfrica is a US based not-for-profit organization that provides innovative Sport-led, Community-Integrated Rainwater Harvesting infrastructures and programs for areas of Africa where lack of access to water is a major cause of poverty. Working in partnership with NGO’s and community organizations, PITCHAfrica provides essential infrastructure and training to enable communities to integrate sport led sustainable development initiatives and move towards resource self-sufficiency. A centerpiece of the PITCHAfrica initiative is a Street Football (Soccer) Stadium that integrates a one million liter water reservoir with a one thousand seat ‘Street Football’ stadium. It’s unique structure houses six classrooms for education or microenterprise initiatives, a health clinic, public latrines, and expansive opportunities for agricultural development, supporting the need for food security. PITCHAfrica has developed smaller community and family rainwater harvesting systems of varying capacities and costs to make rainwater harvesting widely available in communities.

We are in the process of rebuilding our web platform. Please bear with us! We can be contacted at hello@pitch-africa.org