In a water stressed world, we need to build buildings that harvest and store, rather than shed, the rain.

PITCHAfrica is a non-profit organisation based in the United States that specialises in the development of rain-storing infrastructure, buildings and related technologies for the water-stressed world. 

We began in 2007 by developing football pitches for schools and communities that harvest and store rain and provide school classrooms and community spaces under the seating areas. We built our first pilot project in Los Angeles to celebrate the Football World Cup in 2010

We realised that not only could sports fields and stadia harvest and store lots of water, but that all buildings needed to do this. We call all these types of buildings Waterbanks.

Waterbanks work anywhere in the world where people need water.

We have built demonstration buildings in Kenya. Our pilot project is called the Waterbank School and was named the Greenest School on Earth in 2013. We then built the Waterbank Campus which includes examples of different Waterbank building types and the first rain-storing football stadium building.  Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter